Actualiza Windows 7 con actualizaciones oficiales pero de manera offline

Con AutoPatcher una excelente utilidad que nos permite descargar actualizaciones y parches para algunas versiones de Windows como XP o VIsta, ya soporta Windows 7.

How many times did you have to leave your computer, after a format, to download the updates you had before it? How many times did you have to go do something else, leaving your friend’s computer download the load of updates with their poor little dial-up modem? How many times have you wished for the updates to be portable from one computer to another and not require but a few mouse clicks to install?

If you’re the “computer guy” of the pack, no doubt the answer to the above questions was “I’ve lost count”! And if you have one or two computers you should consider yourself lucky as well. Think of what would happen if you had to update ten or twenty computers daily!

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